Meeting – Monday Dec 9

Today the members of Hillcrest Toastmasters were treated to three speeches.

Daniel Foyt’s speech was titled “Share the Secret of Toastmasters”, and his evaluator was Tarun Jada.

Donovan Miller

Donovan Miller spoke on the topic “Tips for Traveling Abroad”, with Steve Hurst evaluating the speech.

Purusottam Kaushik

Finally Purusottam Kaushik talked on the subject “How to look for a mentor?”, with David Richmond being the evaluator.

Amit Gupta

Tonight’s toastmaster was Amit Gupta, doing a splendid work.

Below are a few more pictures from today’s meeting.

Tarun Jada, evaluating Daniel Foyt
Steve Hurst evaluating Donovan Miller’s speech
David Richmond evaluating Purusottam’s speech
Ken Agnew

Ken Agnew was the General Evaluator of the evening, giving valuable feedback on the meeting as a whole.

The Table Topics was a success, with four speakers. The winner was Helen Mayo.

Helen Mayo

And finally the traditional group picture with tonight’s toastmaster Amit Gupta and the winners Steve Hurst (best evaluator), Helen Mayo (best table Topics speaker) and Daniel Foyt (best speaker). Congratulations!

Amit Gupta, Steve Hurst, Helen Mayo and Daniel Foyt

The next meeting is Monday December 16, at 6.45pm.

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