Weekly Meeting

Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Hillcrest Toastmasters practice social distancing. Our meetings are until further notice online only, using Zoom video conferencing. Contact us if you want to attend as a guest.

We meet every Monday (with some exceptions around the holidays) at Whole Foods Market at 11700 Preston Rd in Dallas. The meeting starts at 6.45pm in the conference room on the second floor, and it usually lasts until 8.15pm.

If you are interested in learning more about Toastmasters, you are welcome as a guest. There is no need for prior arrangement, just show up! We ask that you arrive a few minutes before the meeting starts, so you can sign our visitor list and receive information about Toastmasters. You are welcome to come as a guest as many times as you like.

As a guest you may be asked if you want to take part in Table Topics, one of our most popular exercises, where members are called up to speak in a given subject between one and two minutes without any preparations. This is not something you are required to participate in, though. If you just want to sit and listen, you are welcome to do that.