We Have a New Website!

The website for Hillcrest Toastmasters has been hosted on a private server by Bruce Moore, one of our long-term members. A big thank you to Bruce for all his work with the website over the years!

Earlier this year Bruce and his family moved out of state, and since he was planning to eventually shut down the server we needed a replacement.

At the same time, we realized there was a need for a more modern and easy-to-use platform for the website. It was decided that Hillcrest Toastmasters should move to WordPress, the most popular Content Management System (CMS) platform today, which is powering over 60 million websites. Originally WordPress was created as an open source blog platform, but it has expanded and can now host many different types of websites.

You are now seeing the result. We have started to move over content from the old website, mainly the weekly winners. This transfer will take some time, and we may set a cut-off date and not import the oldest posts.

We plan to add new functionality to the site in the future. One suggestion has been discussion forums, which would be easy to implement if people want that. Make sure to check back here frequently!

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